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Laser Hair Removal

Not all hair removal lasers are created equal!

Introducing the most comprehensive hair removal laser available today…

Cynosure’s Elite

The Cynosure Elite Laser offers leading-edge technology and techniques for unparalleled results!

  • Smooth, flawless skin for the entire body

  • For all skin types, including tanned skin

  • Cost Effective

  • Simple Treatment

A revolutionary technology that combines the two recognised ‘gold standard’ wavelengths – Alexandrite and Nd -Yag, in one complete system.

This laser has advanced features not found on any other hair removal system and provides unprecedented levels of speed, safety, comfort and most importantly effectiveness.

The Elite laser can be adjusted specifically to treat ALL skin and hair types without any adverse skin reactions.

This laser provides dynamic integrated refrigerated air cooling throughout the duration of treatment, for added skin protection and patient comfort, which enables larger coverage areas at higher energies, resulting in far superior results.

Undoubtedly the choice of leading medical experts worldwide!

How the Laser Works

True lasers emit one specific beam of light that selectively targets the pigment in the hair, by passing the surface of the skin. The absorption of this heat elevates the temperature within the hair structure, which then destroys and disables the growth mechanisms of the follicle. The splinters of hair are immediately vaporised and expelled. In some areas this process of expulsion may take a little longer.

As hair is most effectively removed in the anagen phase of growth, repeated laser sessions are necessary at specific intervals, for permanent hair reduction. The sensation of the laser is similar to a heat pricking sensation, although most patients experience very little discomfort due to the integrated refrigerated air cooling.

Immediately following treatment there maybe some redness which is temporary and normally resolves within a few hours.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed depends on many influencing factors, but in most cases, a course of seven treatments is recommended for best results.

Pre and post treatment instructions are provided at the time of your consultation.

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